Thailand right now

Thailand right now

I feel sorry for you guys. There you are freezing somewhere, while it’s 90˚ here!


Teachers and overreacting

Ever notice how teachers overreact every time you miss one little thing? Like today, one of my classmates didn’t label his graph, and the teacher flipped out! The same thing happens with… well, some parents. Anyone else think this is really annoying?


Hey guys,

I’ve got a subject. Have you ever noticed that people make up the most crazy stories? No matter how amazing or dull they are, they make up believable (and unbelievable) stories! Stories about their lives, stories about other people, stories about their pets, stories about everything! And then theres rumors. Life isn’t worth living unless there is some BS gossip about a peer floating around! Just yesterday, my friends and I heard that one of our peers was… well, you get the idea. Oh well, I sure as heck can’t change it. I won’t waste your time trying.